March 2016: What Your Peers Valued

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Onboarding Dilbert Peer Mentoring

We know you like your monthly meetings but please also know that your executive peer mentoring group is pretty powerful on-line, too.  Take a look at the articles that most resonated with like-minded business leaders.

We all know that successful onboarding is a make-or-break time and that’s probably why Excell’s onboarding blog was hugely successful.  We provide a synopsis of the seven steps during those first critical months as well as links to a comprehensive onboarding plan.  If you didn’t already take a look, please do now. Onboarding takes smart effort but is worth the investment.  It increases loyalty and minimizes turnover and these results that show up in the bottom line.

It doesn’t really matter the industry, does it? Waiting until you need a successor isn’t much of a plan.  It is widely accepted that an exit strategy is as important as a startup strategy — whether it is in horticulture or high-tech.

It is as important to have a quality leader as it is to have quality followers and there is a secret to building these high-performance teams.  Learn more by reading this Wharton School of Business interview or listening to the podcast.  One way or the other, it will be fantastic preparation for April’s workshop topic.

Rice University is conducting its very popular business planning competition right now.  Read the Forbes article about what judges look for in successful plans and also keep track of the finalists.  It’s now down to 42 finalists with $1 million at stake!  Who thought business planning could be so sexy!?

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