CEO Corner: Dave’s Thoughts on “Community”

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The mission of Excell is to “Create a healthy and robust business community in the Puget Sound, one CEO at a time”.

This year at IMPACT there were 131 CEOs, business owners, and executives of many different types of companies who registered for the event because they too believed in taking time, outside of their companies, to invest in the Puget Sound business community.

Each IMPACT, over the last four years, has built on the integrated business community in the Puget Sound area; connecting CEOs to other CEOs as well as connecting CEOs to service providers that want to partner in a prosperous business environment. The beauty of IMPACT is that sponsors as well as attendees value and appreciate the community IMPACT extends.

This year IMPACT, as in the past, was a weekend of work, sharing and fun. With the hands-on CEO Tools Workshops™, Best Practice Roundtables™, Business Panels, and thought leader presentations, IMPACT resoundingly met its commitment to provide the platform on which to build a connected and healthy Puget Sound business community.

It was most heartening to me to hear from Excell Members who have attended IMPACTs all these years that they again received value especially because they continued to grow their connections with other Members, with new CEOs they met at IMPACT and with our other sponsors.

This year the sponsors of IMPACT all agreed that as important as it was to inspire executives to discuss and learn about change, it was critical to provide them with an expanded network of peers and partners with whom they will continue experience and drive that change.  (Read more about Impact here.)

IMPACT ensures that we have that healthy and robust business community in the Puget Sound.  Enjoy this video!

Also, if you didn’t get the chance before, read over Dave’s September blog, where he shares his thoughts leading up to IMPACT.


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