January CEO Tools Workshop Preview Q&A with Marty Palecki

Posted on by Stacey Romero


We are excited to have Marty Palecki of Leadership Experience Academy as our featured presenter in January!

We caught up with Marty and asked a few questions about the topic of trust, which she’ll expand on during our January CEO Tools Workshop:

:  What are some benefits of a trust-based workplace?

MARTY:  Data tells us that organizations with high trust levels benefit from higher levels of productivity, work performance and employee engagement. These factors lead to increasing the value, growth and success of the business. When trust levels are high employees sense they contribute directly to the growth and success. They are more likely to collaborate, share ideas for improvement and communicate openly on all levels. They invest time in supporting each other, innovation and creating a high functioning workplace.

EXCELL:  What are some negative consequences that can result from a lack of trust in the workplace?

MARTY:  Low levels of trust in the workplace on a personal and/or organizational level create negative behaviors. Employees disengage, spend time focused on personal vs team goals and lose focus on being a contribution. They become frustrated, stressed and sometimes victimized. In such an environment time is wasted, often lost in decision making, problem solving and conflicts.

EXCELL:  When we say that a company can grow its intelligence, is that like saying companies are akin to a living organisms — insomuch that it has the ability to adapt, study, and become smarter?  What are some ways one person (the CEO) can encourage all the people in the organization to participate?

MARTY:  Can trust be restored once damaged?  Trust is a key factor in the strength, growth and success of any relationship. From my perspective it depends on the situation and extent of the compromise.  There is no perfect workplace or leader. The old expression “actions speak louder than words” applies here. Once trust has been betrayed it takes time, positive actions and behaviors to restore.

A big thanks to Marty for sharing these insights, which we’ll explore further with her in our January CEO Tools Workshop!

For more details about this program, please refer to the pages on our website for the King County, Kitsap/Olympic Peninsula, Pierce/Thurston. or Snohomish County groups.  Click here to download a .pdf overview with dates and RSVP info for each program!

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