Roni Leeds Shapiro Makes a Move in a New Direction!

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Roni Leeds Shapiro HopeSparks BoardRoni Leeds Shapiro, Excell’s Sr. VP of Operations for the past four years, has embarked on a new journey in her life: a heady mix of continued career development, increased focus on her volunteer work, and Retirement (most certainly with a capital “R” and an exclamation point)!

Roni draws a parallel between the experiences of many Excell CEO members and her own current path. “I have thought hard about what retirement would look like for me; when would I retire and how would I feel about it? I am exploring this now and so far, thoroughly enjoying the opportunities and ‘present moment’ aspect of it. Makes the many years of my career (as a planner, planner, planner) feel like a total preparation for this new chapter of ‘don’t plan, just do!’”

Reflecting on how her time with Excell informs her next steps, she explains, “My work with Excell in driving operational excellence and leading an Excell CEO group has been tremendously fulfilling because it challenged me to practice and grow my relationship development, management, and coaching skills and now I am practicing those skills on myself!”

Although Roni uses the word “retirement” and will be taking time for travel, health, and fun, she’ll continue to put her career expertise to work in several ways. She plans to stay connected with the business community of Puget Sound, applying her skills to help for-profit organizations in building operational and project management tools and practices.

“I’m currently working on a Special Project with an Excell member to build project management expertise in the organization he leads,” she elaborates. “I am open to other mentoring projects in business operations, business processes, and client service/support areas.”

The recent change also allows her to put more time and energy into giving back to the community. “I am excited about having the time to focus on the volunteer work I love. I program manage the Cares Program for the Puget Sound PMI (Project Management Institute) which provides project management training and mentoring for nonprofit organizations in the Puget Sound. I’ve been involved with Cares for five years and thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion for project management by helping others learn and use the skills. As the program manager, I am responsible for recruiting and balancing the demand of clients who accept our support and volunteers who seek opportunities to mentor. This work also allows me to continue my certification as a PMP.”

She will also continue on the board of HopeSparks, which she describes as a “wonderful, 120+ year old nonprofit in Tacoma that is a recognized leader in Pierce County in behavioral health, early intervention, kinship care, home visiting, eating recovery and parent education. Each year, thousands of children, teens, adults, families and couples turn to HopeSparks for critical life-changing support.”

Many professionals retire from full time work in their career area, and then find themselves so busy with new projects that they don’t find retirement relaxing! Roni is making sure she doesn’t end up in that place, saying, “Last but not least – I plan to do the international travel for which I’ve always lacked enough time – starting with great sites in Mexico; to put my health (exercise and meditation) at the top of my new routine, to read (extensively), to visit grandchildren and other family, and to more fully enjoy our wonderful Northwest summers!”

Excell Puget Sound is grateful for Roni’s dedication to the company and the service it provides for and with members. Roni has left her signature in indelible ink throughout Excell, bringing a new level of standardization in organizational processes and internal structure; marketing expertise; and dynamic facilitation and Group Leader skills. Those are big shoes to fill!

A post-Roni Leeds Shapiro Excell will take some getting used to, but the Excell Team is excited for Roni’s new path and wishes her happiness and new, fulfilling discoveries!

For information about the Cares Program at the Puget Sound branch of the Project Management Institute, see this link.

For information about the nonprofit HopeSparks, follow this link

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