Executive Peer Mentoring

We are like you. We are executives, CEOs, and business leaders in the Pacific Northwest. We set goals and achieve them. Like many in our position, we want to grow and improve but often feel like we are going it alone.

Excell is a leadership development company that values accountability, curiosity, and openness. Our company exists to help local leaders with proven methods of building bottom line growth, nurturing their businesses, and improving their leadership skills,

Excell is the premier peer mentoring forum for Northwest business owners, presidents, chief executives, and senior executives from larger enterprises. We provide programs that transform business leaders and optimize your abilities, skills, and talents to grow your businesses. Excell has thrived for three decades because we know it is important for our members to learn tips from successful executives.

Our members lead a wide range of companies from small start-ups to those with more than $300 million in annual revenue. These companies represent many industries including high technology, transportation, professional services, finance, construction, manufacturing, fabrication, and product imports.

We bring together groups of company owners and executives and provide a confidential place where they can increase their knowledge, skills, and experience to productively, and sustainably, grow their businesses. These mentor groups are vital for each member to gain valuable feedback from sources knowledgeable about businesses.

We are a dedicated community of life-long learners who respect the open water, but are unafraid to jump in.