Excell Puget Sound = Setting the Values at the Top

The culture of Excell builds on Accountability (doing what you commit to do), Openness (to being challenged and to stretching), and Continuous Learning. Excell believes that there are times that other peoples’ perspectives can be more valuable than your own.

Accountability – Doing what you say you are going to do it when you said you were going to do it. Practicing Accountability in all Excell practices leads to Members’ modeling Accountability and creates a culture of Accountability in our Members’ companies.

Integrity – Honesty and Integrity means doing, saying, acting in alignment with your values. When you value integrity and do something that is ‘out of alignment’, your stomach may hurt or a little voice (your intuition) sets a red flag.

Open and Curious – We say that Excell is not for the faint of heart because we all have issues to work on if we want to grow and cannot always see them. We need to become more aware of how we ‘show up’ and we do that by being Curious (asking questions) and being Open (asking for feedback). In the Excell culture, the questions you ask are more important than providing answers. Why? Our Members have found that questions are more powerful, thought-provoking, and lead to better results.

Lifelong Learner – Continuous improvement and professional growth is a way of life for Excell Members, supported by a Community of like-minded leaders that sustain and nurture an environment in which they can flourish.

Community – Community is different than simply getting to know your peers, it is a sense of team development. Community and teamwork is about risking and being vulnerable; its about you. Getting to know your peers is about them. You are all in it to challenge and support each other in building your leadership, your businesses and your dreams.