What Members Say

Glenn Sprague SouthSound Group Member
CORE Design,
COO / Sr. Projects Surveyer

“I’m sort of a second generation Excell member from my company…it’s kind of in our DNA. It was the idea that the CEO should be getting training and being active with other CEOS…Having that interaction and being able to bounce ideas and concepts off of other CEOs and other peers at that C level is really important to me.”

Melissa Rossi NorthSound Group Member
Division 9 Carpeting,
CFO & Director of Operations

“You will make vastly better decisions and be better respected for them and have better followership of your people, if you invest in yourself as a leader. There’s really no replacement for it.”

Jeff Borgida Seattle/Bellevue Group Member
Northwest Branch Leader, Petrochem Insulation Inc.,

“The best part about Excell is that I leave my business for a day and focus on developing myself as a leader…and it more than pays for itself in the long run. Excell is about making you a better person, a better leader, and a better participant in society.”

Mike Hall Kitsap Group Member
CEO, Hall and Company,

“The workshops hit on a variety of topics and give you a chance to rethink multiple areas of your business to make sure it’s up to speed… Excell and I both agree that you need a business plan — and you need to monitor and measure it — to make it effective.”

Shawn Murray Seattle/Bellevue Group Member
CEO, Mallory Safety and Supply,

“The biggest value I find in Excell is ‘accountability’ . . . I hold myself accountable and model that behavior for everyone else.”

Diana Smeland Kitsap Group Member
President, Port Ludlow Associates,

“Excell has helped me by focusing on improving me and the ideas I am bringing to the company. I think Excell is well worth the time and it is what every CEO and President needs.”

Bing Tso Seattle/Bellevue Group Member
President, SBW Consulting,

“There are specific things we learn from each other as well as a sense of support and camaraderie. We are here to learn and to make our companies and ourselves better. It’s an exciting process to improve yourself and even more exciting to see your business prosper because of it.”

Tony George Kitsap Group Member
President and COO, Kitsap Bank,

“There is a tremendous amount of value from Excell. The group accountability and one-on-one accountability is very important to keep you on task and on track. That is a huge benefit that I think potential Members should be looking at.”

Christine Rieland Kitsap Group Member
CEO, Pacific Northwest Title and Escrow,

“The Monthly consultations with Shannon as my coach, just further brings in accountability. Shannon is able to identify patterns and challenge my thought process. The one-on-one consultations have been very valuable. “

Greg Lambert Seattle/Bellevue Group Member
CEO of Terra Staffing,

“With Excell I have improved my management meetings. What I have been able to do with Excell is give my managers better tools so they became better decision makers and better trainers and have business level thinking.”