A BHAG, or stretch goal, becomes an overarching initiative that guides the big picture for your work and life for the year. Excell BHAGs, in both the development and the execution, are designed to teach and reinforce leadership skills and increase your ability to:

  • Create and execute vision.
  • Learn to create project building blocks and clearly communicate goals.
  • Learn and reinforce implementation tools, like SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals.
  • Pause to clarify what truly matters and where to invest your energy.

Members commit to a “Personal” and a “Business” BHAG each year and work with their Accountability Partners to measure their progress. One Member learned to play the guitar as a “Personal” BHAG. Business BHAGs often reflect exacting Company growth goals. BHAGs are written, because what gets measured gets attention.

Members say they learn about leadership from BHAGS:

  • Big changes occur incrementally, through diligence and attention.
  • Long-term vision comes from taking-bite sized steps.
  • It helps to focus, to visualize what’s important and what it takes to get there.