Excell membership begins with the Initial Diagnostic/Assessment. Group Leaders conduct a new Member’s team evaluation in the first month(s) of membership, using a 360-tool in order to establish a baseline of issues to be worked in the Member’s One-on-one consultations. This provides CEOs feedback, from their team’s perspective, of their strengths, weaknesses, what they should start or stop doing or do more or less often.

We think this practice is important because interviewing a small number of people, a Member gets a quick and good set of issues to grapple with in their coaching sessions.  Often the Member is not be aware of all of the issues/wakes that they have.  Most importantly, if the Member follows through on the issues identified, their reports and peers get to see vulnerability, empathy and that they too should work on issues to improve.  It is a great model for the Member to practice to get buy in on other issues/projects.