The Nomination Process

Leadership in Excell is selective

Like any highly effective Board, members are chosen carefully. You do not simply join Excell.

Rather, you are nominated and invited to join based on your desire for excellence, your dedication to continuous improvement, and your ability to receive direct and pointed feedback.

Since the Excell model is about results, we take the time to carefully evaluate each nominee and make sure they evaluate the Members of the community they will join. This process includes the opportunity to scrutinize as well as engage with existing Members and activities to gauge whether you will add value to the group as well as receive substantial return from your investment of time as an Excell Member. If you are selected for membership, you can be assured that you have value to offer other members.

It is not necessary to be a member to nominate someone for Excell. If you know someone who you feel is ready to invest the time, effort and energy it takes to sustainably grow a company – even if that person is you – please fill out the form below.

The Nomination Process