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We partner with local-based professionals and organizations that share our values.  Our program partners are seasoned professionals and will guide you through discussing the things that keep you up at night. Hear about and learn from obstacles that other Pacific Northwest executives face. Question their answers and learn to question yours. Hold yourself accountable with practice and by reflecting on your successes and failures.

Driving Accountability In Your Team: Modeling Is Not Enough – Aaron Schmookler 

Developing Relationships and Taking Control of Sales While Working Remotely – Geof Bowie 

Profitable Cultures: Creating and Maintaining Culture Remotely – John Kaminski

Leading and Communicating Under Pressure and Uncertainty – Dr. Daniel Hallak and Dr. Rob McKenna

Employees Taking Initiative – Jim Hessler

Increasing Revenue – John Kaminski

Data-driven Coaching – Roslyn Webber

Leading Through Change – Jim Hessler

Innovation – Aaron Schmookler

Holding Difficult Conversations – Allison Raduziner

Multi-generational Workplaces – Jan Harrison

Stress – Amy Reiersgaard

Delegation – Catherine Woods

Strategic Planning – James DeBragga

Creating Culture – Laura Hamill

Resilient Organizations – Dora Summer-Ewing

Communications – Jim Hessler

Financial Strategies – Steve Abercrombie

Team Building – Shannon Bruce

Visioning – Urs Koenig

Customer Advisory Council – Andrew Ballard

Sales – Elizabeth Harris

Being the Employer of Choice – Marty Palecki and Patricia Bravo

Recent programs include:

Aaron Schmookler is the Excell Puget Sound Pierce/Thurston Group Leader and Co-founder and Principal at The Yes Works, supporting business leaders who believe that their people are their greatest asset to supercharge their teams. He works with them to build structures, habits, and mindsets among the team that support an enduring collaboration culture. For over 20 years, Aaron has worked with leaders across the country and across industries to make work good for people and people good for work.

Recent programs include: TITLE OF WORKSHOP

Geof Bowie Head Shot

Geof Bowie is the owner of Sandler Training where he empowers business leaders using sales and marketing systems, so they can plan, measure and grow more quickly. Sandler Training, Seattle, trains business leaders and sales teams to communicate more successfully with prospects and clients, using a non-traditional systematic approach that facilitates honest and authentic sales strategies. Geof delivers results by teaching business owners to break the mold and engage more effectively.

Geof earned his MFA from Parsons School of Design and has been an entrepreneur for more than two decades. He believes that improving human to human communications can save the world and that most of what he needed to know in business he learned in art school. He is on a mission to help guide anyone seeking deep personal improvement.

Dr. Rob McKenna

Recent programs include: Leading and Communicating Under Pressure and Uncertainty

Dr. Rob McKenna: Named one of the top 30 I-O Psychologists alive today, Dr. McKenna is passionate about developing leaders and about transforming the way we see the people in our organizations. He is the founder of WiLD Leaders, Inc. and creator of the WiLD Toolkit, a whole and intentional leader development process and set of tools that one leader described as “A whole approach that blurs the line between who we are as ‘workers’ and ‘human beings.” His latest book, Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure, focuses on the specific strategies leaders can use to stay true to themselves and connected to others when it matters most.

Daniel Hallak, PhD

Recent programs include: Leading and Communicating Under Pressure and Uncertainty

Dr. Daniel Hallak Nothing gets Dr. Daniel Hallak more excited than the opportunity to build authentic relationships and intentionally develop leaders. As the Chief Commercial Officer at WiLD Leaders, Daniel is known for bringing energy and thoughtful research-based practices that actually make a difference. Before WiLD, he spent 13 years developing whole leaders in business, academic, and not-for-profit settings. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University, his B.A. in Psychology from Northwest University and achieved Eagle Scout Rank with the Boy Scouts of America.

John Kaminski
John Kaminski

Recent programs include: Building Value in Your Business; Profitable Cultures: Creating and Maintaining Culture Remotely

John Kaminski began his sales career with Xerox and went on to work in the medical device industry prior to starting his own business. John co-founded DocuMedX, a successful medical services business that contracted with large hospital groups and HMOs. In three years time, he guided DocuMedX to be the largest independent transcription service in the northwest and was twice recognized as one of the “Best Companies to Work For in Washington”. John negotiated the sale of DocuMedX to a publicly traded company that was conducting a roll-up in the industry. DocuMedX served as the model, and John led the reengineering efforts to assimilate several acquisitions into a single company.

For the last 12 years John has been with OneAccord where he is currently Managing Director and a Partner. OneAccord buys, sells, and helps privately held business owners grow and build value in their companies. He is passionate about helping business owners get not just to a transaction, but through it.

John has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Whitman College in Walla Walla Washington (the city so nice they named it twice). He is active in his community where he has served as chair for Young Life, little league baseball coach and board President, and donates his skills as an auctioneer to several schools and non-profit organizations.

Head Shot Roslyn Webber
Roslyn Webber

Recent programs include: Effective Coaching via Data-driven Techniques

The Predictive Group 206.300.1211 www.predictivegroup.com rwebber@predictivegroup.com

Roslyn Webber is a strategic consulting partner with clients as they tackle human challenges. Through assessments and workshops, she helps employers improve the fit and performance of their workforce, from senior leadership to entry level roles. Her passion is teaching leaders to develop an authentic and effective style that maximizes their own potential as well as that of their teams. As a workplace behavioral expert, she is adept at analyzing what drives day-to-day behavior and applying that data to teach leaders how to accelerate performance and communicate more effectively.

Roslyn is the founder of Seabold Consulting and an Associate of the Predictive Group. She has worked in Human Resources and Management Consulting for 17 years both as a consultant and as a business unit leader, experiencing the same people challenges her clients face today. Prior to founding Seabold Consulting, Roslyn worked for Merrill Lynch/Howard Johnson and Aon/Hewitt in various senior leadership and account management roles. She has an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management and is a Certified Partner of Predictive Index and a Certified Talent Optimization Specialist.

Aaron Schmookler Head Shot
Aaron Schmookler

Recent programs include: Innovate or Die:  How to Innovate Small So You Can Win Big

The Yes Works 253-301-8004 theyesworks.com aaron@theyesworks.com Twitter: @TheYesWorks

Aaron Schmookler has a passion for finding the intersection between play and innovation, and helping people live and work there. A love of collaboration and of excellence in communication has driven Aaron to build teams and nurture creativity. Businesses and organizations large and small, from Microsoft to neighborhood non-profits have used Aaron’s support to improve communication, increase innovation, and manage conflict on both coasts.

Allison Raduziner

Recent programs include: Holding Difficult Conversations

Pilchuck Business Consulting 425-299-6231 pilchuck@earthlink.net

Allison Raduziner is the owner of Pilchuck Business Consulting. Her background covers a variety of businesses with strengths in Aviation, Publishing, Wine/Beverage Industry, Development, Construction, Architecture and Engineering. The continuum is building businesses through over 30 years of Business Development and Marketing. She has been responsible for securing millions of dollars of work for firms and coaching teams to win. As an executive, she has trained fellow executives and managers on strategy, leadership, teamwork, procurement and more. Allison coaches firms to achieve their goals through understanding their firm’s and employees’ strengths and planning for economic fluctuations.

Jan Harrison

Recent programs include: Multi-generational Workplaces

Jan Harrison helps organizations clarify their current challenges, focus on future strategies, and achieve measurable results. With a diverse work history in areas such as broadcast journalism, hospitality, economic development, commercial construction, nonprofits, government agencies, healthcare, higher education, hi-tech, and more, she has insights into both the unique and the common challenges faced by companies in different industries and of differing sizes. As a retreat planner, facilitator, trainer, and coach, Jan offers education for business people and organizational development for teams and companies through her business, JHarrison Solutions.

Amy Reiersgaard

Recent programs include: Stress in the Workplace

Amy Reiersgaard, PHR, has managed the HR function for a variety of industries including non-profits, high tech, and professional services. Prior to coming to Asure Consulting (formerly PMSI), Amy developed a breadth and depth of knowledge in almost every conceivable type of business through 10 years of workforce development experience. Amy’s clients rely on her business experience to inform her HR recommendations and appreciate her ability to train in a way that gains results.

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