You can gain from the experience of other successful CEOs

Excell provides results to non-competing business owners and CEOs in a supportive, confidential and challenging community. Members’ return on investment comes from CEO Tools Workshops, one-on-one Executive Coaching with each member, and the powerful exchange of successful proven strategies, techniques and insight from their peers who know the challenges of running a growing company and who know their fellow members and their businesses well.

Leaders running companies with gross annual revenues of $3 million to $300 million face many similar challenges, regardless of industry. Two of the most common challenges are the lack of productive time and the realization by leaders that the skills and strategies that got them to this point are not the ones they need to achieve sustainable growth.

Excell programs are designed to ensure that your small time investment yields large returns in the form of a community of leaders on whom you can rely and more profitable operations, improved execution, and better work-life balance that comes from learning from successful people.

As an Excell Group Member, you will learn to:

  • Select and build effective teams
  • Leverage technology
  • Extend and develop markets
  • Set the Company’s Vision
  • Figure out your present and future most profitable business model
  • Determine your strengths and how to leverage them as you build a business that ultimately does not need you
  • Delegate responsibility and manage projects
  • Negotiate with banks, effectively use accountants, attorneys and other service providers

Excell CEOs join a specific, unique group of 10 to 13 top executives from non-competing companies across a wide variety of industries. Far more practical than seminars and social clubs, Excell provides the concrete content, structure, and confidentiality for Members to develop new tools and valuable advisor relationships with accomplished peers.

The Excell program consists of major practices and programs that build leadership skills and tools, allowing leaders to practice and model accountability, coaching and challenging themselves in a supportive peer community.