December: What Your Peers Valued

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Top PIcks of December

What a fitting end to the year.  The most “liked” and retweeted articles that we posted this month started out mature, sophisticated, and business-like:  Coaching. Mentoring. Leadership.  Then, as the holiday cheer started to flow in the middle of the month, everybody’s inclinations devolved, in a manner, toward football and, yes . . . Star Wars.  That’s OK.  We can all redeem ourselves in 2016.  That’s the whole purpose of a New Year’s, anyway, right?

1) This article about the University of North Carolina discusses how the school regards mentoring as a hallmark of how the school develops future talent. Universities may appear to be a step behind the business community in efficiency, but it doesn’t mean that their systems remain stagnant.  Staying competitive, just like any business, is nested in the schools ability to prepare the leaders of the future.

2)  Another article that mentions UNC, talks about reducing the stigma of coaching from “fixing a broken employee or leader” and instead moving toward creating a positive “coaching culture.” A UNC report noted that about 30 percent of leaders thought their company had a good leadership pipeline. More companies are now incorporating management and/or executive coaching into their business strategy.

3) Two articles about Chief Information Officers resonated with our community.  The first asks whether CIOs are adequately prepared for leadership roles.  The second piece addresses 5 top priorities for CIOs in the coming year.

Then, as college bowl games aired on TV and playoffs spots were being decided in professional football, our community wanted to hear about leadership lessons from the locker rooms in the NCAA as well as NFL sidelines.

And who wouldn’t want to take leadership advice from George Lucas? (Promise, no spoilers.)

Thanks again for an outstanding year.  We look forward to bringing you the most useful material in the world of coaching, leadership, and success.  If you learn a little bit to share with your friends around the weekend tailgate, then that’s OK, too!  

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Enjoy the New Year!

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